Tymado Multimedia Solutions | Red Robin makes offensive vegetarian remark and worse apology
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Red Robin makes offensive vegetarian remark and worse apology

Red Robin

19 Jun Red Robin makes offensive vegetarian remark and worse apology

Red Robin launched a tv ad campaign to promote 24 types of burgers, including a garden burger, “Just in case your teenage daughter is going through a phase.”

The comment, meant to be a lighthearted way of promoting the burger, according to a Red Robin spokesperson, set off outrage among the vegetarian and vegan communities.

While I think we tend to take ourselves a little too seriously sometimes, the commercial does poke fun of the very people who might consume the product. A little odd.

Red Robin Vegetarian Comment

Even worse… Red Robin’s apology:

“If anyone was offended by the ad, we sincerely apologize,” spokesperson¬†Kevin Caufield¬†told Yahoo! Shine. “We value all our guests, including those who want vegan and vegetarian options.”

If you feel you must apologize for something, take ownership of the mistake. Red Robin is sorry IF they offended anyone? We already know they offended someone. Actually lots of someones.

How about, “We are sorry we offended our customers and vegetarians. We made a poor marketing decision and have removed the ad.”

Then, Red Robin should make an effort to reach out to as many people they offended as possible to let them know they really care about their customers.

Customer service isn’t about covering up your mistakes, it’s about correcting them.

Photo courtesy of Dale Chumbley

  • jc
    Posted at 12:36h, 21 June Reply

    You would think a national chain that prides itself in making gourmet burgers, would be ashamed to offer that tasteless veggie burger that’s on the menu!

  • Latrese
    Posted at 18:56h, 05 July Reply

    Their garden burger and boca patty are actually decent. Vegan and vegetarian options are so few, it was always treat to go to Red Robin. Not anymore!

  • Latrese
    Posted at 18:57h, 05 July Reply

    A treat*

  • DAVE P
    Posted at 17:45h, 14 August Reply

    If the vegans and vegetarians get offended at the commercial, then maybe they need to eat some real meat and get a sense of humor. I found the commercial funny. Red Robin’s main client base is meat eaters, so I don’t think it has hurt their business too bad.

  • Richard
    Posted at 12:53h, 10 October Reply

    Glad you won’t be visiting Red Robin anymore. Vegans are stinky.

  • david
    Posted at 00:00h, 26 March Reply

    Life’s too short. Laugh a little. Stop LOOKING for things to take offense to. Innocent people are being publicly executed across the globe, and you’re whining about how important a veggie burger is? And God knows how serious teenagers are about things. Lighten up. I will fight to the death you’re right to enjoy meatless meals. Just don’t bug me while I eat my Medium double cheeseburger with my second round of fries. Pass the salt please.

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