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Red Robin
Red Robin makes offensive vegetarian remark and worse apology
Red Robin launched a tv ad campaign to promote 24 types of burgers, including a garden burger, "Just in case your teenage daughter is going through a phase." The comment, meant to be a lighthearted way of promoting the burger, according to a Red Robin spokesperson, set off outrage among the vegetarian and vegan communities. While I think we tend to take ourselves a little too seriously sometimes, the commercial does poke fun of the very people who might consume the product. A little odd.
Amanda Palmer
Social media guru and punk rocker Amanda Palmer – My strange mentor
Amanda Palmer and I have little more in common than our names. She, a punk rock, controversial, exhibitionist type. I, a conservative, politically correct, get-nervous-in-front-of-my-gynecologist type. I've only actually listened to one of her songs. And frankly, I wasn't a fan. (If you happen to pull up the particular video I watched, "Do it with a rock star" is probably not suitable for work. Who would have guessed, right?) But somehow, I'm strangely drawn to Amanda Palmer.
No mobile phones on the golf course
How Cell Phones Can Save Golf
Golfing in the U.S is on the decline. A few weeks ago, I heard Jack Nicklaus talk about the 5 million players who have left the game in recent years. Year after year more people quit playing golf than take up the sport. The declining interest in golf even shows up on the internet as fewer people are searching the word "golf."
Faces of social media
Saving a social media nightmare
After a bad customer service experience, I took to social media to try to get a resolution and let others know about the poor service. Unfortunately the company has yet to respond. Sadly, it appears the company might have lost more than my family's business from this incident. While I'm hardly an objective party in this case, I know a thing or two about responding to complaints.
How to Turn Complaints into Customers
What do you do when your business gets a complaint? Ignore it? Get defensive? Do the very least to smooth things over? Consumers have a lot more power to help or hurt a business than they have ever had before. Twenty years ago you might have been able to sweep the dirty little detractors under a rug. But now, one person can tell the whole world (or at least enough of it) about the guitar you broke, their crappy cable service or the refund you wouldn't give.
My Sick Child
Shame on Hideaway Country Inn – Help me take action!
Find out how plans for a relaxing getaway with my husband turned into a stressful cancelation, lost deposit and a public relations problem for Hideaway Country Inn. The Story I was looking forward to a luxurious three-day weekend at an inviting inn, filled with spa sessions, a private dinner and a few days away from the kids. My husband wanted to surprise me for our anniversary, but he has a tendency to give me presents weeks ahead of time.
Writing a press release
Forget Everything You Know About Writing Press Releases
Several years ago I learned how to write a news release. I learned the formula while Facebook was finding its way off the Harvard campus. I learned the writing style before Twitter was a word. I learned from retired news journalists who never heard of social media. Apparently, so did every other marketer writing press releases. I cringe every time I read the news section of a website. The "leading" maker of some product "streamlines" some process in some "revolutionary" way. Hyperboles, what? Where's the story?
How Consumers Can Complain Effectively
How to Complain to Get What You Want
I was recently asked how best to complain via social media in a civilized and concise manner. The question got me thinking. Is social media the best way to complain in the first place? Companies are still not monitoring social channels as actively as they should. In one Maritz research and evolve24 study of 1,298 Twitter complaints, only 29% of users  received a response from a company. So what is a consumer to do?

What Comes After craigslist?
I like craigslist. I've used it several times for both buying and selling big ticket items without the costs associated with eBay or even my local classifieds. The success is due to two things: it's free (mostly) and it has a large community of users. The big problem for me is the user-interface. I don't know of any other successful website that has done less in 15 years. Granted, it seems to work for this giant, but aren't we ready for the next craigslist?